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What are presets?

Presets are filters that you put on your photos using the Adobe Lightroom app on either desktop or mobile. They are an easy way to make adjustments to your photos without having extensive editing knowledge. Presets are great if you want your photos to look a certain way or have a consistent theme. They save time while editing and will also add that extra element to your photos!

How do I Install these presets?

For information on installation, please visit the preset installation page. You will also receive a direct link to this page when you purchase your presets.

What app do I need?

You will need to download the ADOBE LIGHTROOM app from either google play or the apple store. You don’t need to paid version for these presets, the free version will work just fine!

Do these presets work on android?

Yes! These presets work on both IOS and Android.

I’m having trouble opening these presets…

If you are having problems downloading these files directly to your phone – the issue is that the downloads are compiled into a zip file so might not be able to be unzipped on your Phone. You will need to Download them to your desktop first before transferring them to your phone. If you are still having issues – please contact us.

How do I receive my presets?

You will be able to automatically download your presets at checkout after purchase. You will also receive a confirmation email with a downloadable link attached.

If I get a new phone/computer, do I need to repurchase these presets?

Nope! Once you have purchased your presets, they are yours to use forever. You will be able to access them through email, however, if you want to be safe, I’d back them up on an external hard drive.

Will these presets work on all my photos?

These presets are designed to work on all photos, however, it is important to note that certain presets may not suit every photo. Some of these presets are made to bring out certain colours or on certain colour palettes. It’s always good to read the preset description prior to purchasing, to make sure it suits your needs. The photos still need to have good lighting and focus in order to make the most of these presets! You may need to adjust certain aspects such as saturation, contrast, shadows and certain colours etc.

What currency do you use?

All the prices shown are in AUD, however your currency can be changed. If you scroll down to the bottom of any page, you will see a drop down menu to the bottom right.

Returns Policy


Unfortunately, you cannot return presets, as you can’t exactly return the product. All purchases on presets are final.